Not only does fundraising help generate essential revenue so we can continue providing services to our clients, fundraising also boosts awareness of our services.

We exercise a vigorous approach to sponsoring various fundraising activities and events throughout the year. Our staff, board and dedicated volunteers work together to help raise money earmarked for specific purposes.

Even though the majority of our services and salaries are funded through local, state and federal funding and other grants, match money and some in-house expenses must be covered by other financial means. Some ways we fundraise are

  • Home for the Holidays House Tours
  • Candle Sales
  • Men Against Sexual Violence (MASV) Rally
  • Joe Corbi Pizza and Cookie Dough
  • Games of Chance
  • Covered Bridge Charity Ride
  • Golf Outing

Through fundraising, we are able to bridge the financial gap, become better acquainted with our community and the community in turn learns more about the our mission and services.

We gratefully accept personal, business and civic donations throughout the year. If you, your business, church, community or civic group is looking for a worthy non-profit to support, please keep the Crime Victims' Center of Fayette County, Pennsylvania in mind. Your generous donation will help families, friends and neighbors in your community.

Most of our services are free and strictly confidential, but in order to keep them that way, we need your help!

To make a donation or to volunteer your help with fundraising please call us at 724-438-1470 or send us an email.