Our Mission

We are dedicated to assisting victims of crime and other individuals, by encouraging them to achieve and/or maintain independence through the provisions of advocacy, counseling, education, crisis intervention, and other forms of assistance regardless of race, color, creed, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, age or financial resources.

Our Values

  1. ADVOCACY: We will provide victim services with empathy, respect to human dignity and confidentiality.
  2. EDUCATION & OUTREACH: We will promote education and outreach to heighten community awareness and individual responsibility.
  3. COMMUNITY: We will serve as a source of information and support as a service provider to society.
  4. COLLABORATION: We will develop and maintain relationships with other community resources to address the needs of all individuals.

Our Vision

We envision a professional state of the art facility that provides comprehensive services to a diverse population. Our goals focus on increasing our visibility in pursuit of decreasing victimization. The attainment of these goals will be through:

  • The continuance of public education and community outreach.
  • The expansion of services to include client and staff related childcare.
  • The development of home based services.
  • The integration of specialized counseling and therapeutic techniques.
  • The establishment of satellite offices.
  • The promotion of staff development and professional enrichment.

We will pursue our goals while augmenting and securing additional funding sources. We will collaborate with all available community resources to address the needs of all individuals.

Most of our services are free and strictly confidential.

Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm but evening hour appointments are available upon request. Contact us at 724-438-1470 (office), 724-437-3737 (24-hour hotline), or send us an email.